Later, in the evening we had a beautiful dinner of traditional Ivatan food with coconut crabs at Hiro’s in Basco.
Yes, I shall sleep happily tonight.

We are delighted to

  • Treat you like family
  • Serve you locally sourced, home-cooked Ivatan cuisine
  • Ensure you visit the most attractions in Batanes

You have traveled a long way and also spent a great deal of money getting here, we want to ensure your trip is worth it! We are your family, best friend, and local guide the moment you land in Basco airport. The weather may change, flights may be cancelled, seas might be rough, but you can be sure of one thing - we will do our best to take care of you.

Experience and Reputation

Over 15 years ago, we started as private guides and local contacts for prominent individuals in Manila. Over the years, we have been the guides and local contacts of the cast and crew of the movie Batanes. We took great care of Iza Calzado, Ken Chu, Alex Adolfo, and many others. We also scouted all the filming locations and scenery shots for the movie - we partnered with Chemtrad to shoot all the scenery sequences in the movie!

When National Geographic wanted to shoot a special in Batanes - we were the ones who showed them all the shooting locations. We also take care of special safaris and tours such as Mandy Navasero's Batanes Photo Safari tour.

Original Local Ivatan Cuisine

We are also known for creating the best and original Ivatan dishes - Ivatan fern salad, Ivatan es-cargo/snails, and Ivatan Calamares (using cuttlefish!).

As much as possible, we seek organic, locally sourced ingredients for all our meals at our family owned restaurant - from camote tops, to es-cargo, to fresh fish, we seek to provide you the tastiest ingredients possible.

When you choose LidiaJoyHiro Batanes Tour Services, you become part of our family. We are looking forward to serving you!

Dios Mamajes!

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