Hi there and welcome! My name is Lidia and I will be your virtual tour guide for the next few minutes. A little bit about me, I am an Ivatan and the owner of a local restaurant, catering, and private tour business in Batanes.

My staff and I have catered to many guests over the past years and shared many amazing stories. After their tours, I've often asked them

  • What makes Batanes special?

  • What do you like about the place?

  • What could you share with future guests?

Their answer are below

Rolling hills - basco, batanes

Rolling hills - basco, batanes

Beautiful Scenery - simply amazing

"Every spot is picturesque!" "Just Wow" "It's like the nature scenes from Game of Thrones" "Scotland of the Philippines"

Shaped by nature millions of years ago, Batanes is most known for its rugged and scenic views. Everywhere you look, you will be amazed. Green, rolling pastures, orange sunsets, crisp, clean air are just a slice of what you will experience. Words cannot describe the wonderful scenes you will experience. Check out the pictures below. 



Wonderful People and Culture

"Authentic, caring, honest, hard working, and shy"

Fostered by over 4000 years of living in a desolate island, Ivatans have learned to be self-sufficient, trusting of mother nature, and caring of one another.

Batanes is hit with typhoons about 9 times per year between August through November. This meant that Ivatans had to learn to build houses that lasted through strong winds and rain. You will witness decades old houses built with very thick limestone gathered from the beaches and cogon roofs grown from the land that are still standing and in use today. Ivatans built houses for each other throughout the years which strengthened their care for each other, their honesty, and work ethic.  Up until 1990, my family lived in a traditional Ivatan house - that is also still standing today.



Tasty Meals

"The food is superb"

Ivatans have relied on mother nature to provide fresh seafood, farm raised livestock and organic vegetables for many years. 

Early in the morning, you can walk in the "farmer's market" in the town of Basco along Abuyo Street and purchase fresh beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, and fish - this is what Ivatan's buy for their day's meals.

To make a meal tasty, the cook must also be good, luckily we have one of the very best cooks in Batanes

Amazing batanes by LidiaJoyHiro Batanes Tour Services - Basco Batanes

Amazing batanes by LidiaJoyHiro Batanes Tour Services - Basco Batanes

Ready to Visit Batanes?

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