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Which path will you take in Batanes?

Have you tried to plan a trip to a place you don’t know?

How stressed were you? So many opinions, so many review sites, so many things to figure out.

Have you ever taken the cheapest route and ended up frustrated?

You know the saying, you get what you pay for. How does sitting in a van full of sweating strangers smell to you?

Do you like to be in charge of your own time?

Have you ever ridden in one of those 40 seater busses? How long did it take to board the bus, and then drop off each passenger to their hotel? What could have taken 30 minutes, has taken 4 hours!

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Amazing Batanes Tours is the EASY and PRIVATE way to tour Batanes

At Amazing Batanes Tours, we have only One thing in mind…YOUR HAPPINESS!

We know that YOU:

  • Value time, comfort, safety

  • Want a hassle-free experience - no hidden up-sells or surprises

  • Want a really great time

  • Want things to be easy so you can relax and forget about your stresses

  • Don’t want to overpay for things

How do we know this?

We are travelers too!

We’ve been around the world and visited places we didn’t really know.

We tried budget crowded tours, and budget hotels.

We tried luxury hotels and private tours.

You know what we found out?

Budget, group tours…not so great - we didn’t like sitting with strangers who we didn’t jive with. We didn’t like the sweaty smell of a crowded van. We didn’t like being packed like sardines when eating our meals.

Luxury high end tours…hurt our wallet - we really liked the exclusivity, privacy, and comfort of luxury private tours. But let’s be honest, its really too much. Do we really need the Mercedes Benz Van? Would we be just as happy if we had a good, non-luxury Van and a much much cheaper price?

We specialize in Private, All-inclusive tours in Batanes at a great value

Here’s how we serve you in Batanes:

We give you a wonderful, private, hassle-free Batanes tour experience without the luxurious price tag or hidden charges

We let you enjoy Batanes at the comfort of your own Van, VIP Tour Guide, and personalized service

We make sure you stay at a safe, modern hotel, with air condition, private bathroom, at near the convenience of town or the relaxation setting of the beach

We fill your belly up with great tasting authentic, local, organic Ivatan cuisine and snacks

For over 15 years, we have been providing all-inclusive Batanes private tours in the wonderful Batanes islands.

We have perfected our services to cater to distinguished guests such as yourself, famous actors and dignitaries, families, honeymooners, and international tourists who prefer to do nothing but show up in Batanes and enjoy the scenery with utmost relaxation and privacy.

Just land in Batanes and we will do the rest!

Don’t take our word for it, check out testimonials from our previous guests:

Everything is worth it! Thank you Sir Hiro, Ms. Lidia, Ms. Kaye & Kuya Lito for taking good care of us during our stay. Thank you for being very accommodating. We really enjoyed Batanes and will definitely go back. We hope to see you again soon. Two thumbs up for Amazing Batanes Tours.
— Clarissa Enriquez
2018 was meant to be the fulfillment of my dream to go to Batanes. And it came about largely because of the efforts of one person — Tita Lidia! Whenever we look back on our perfect Batanes trip in March, we’d always think of this dynamic lady with the most delicious food in all of the province right there in her cozy little kitchen.

Amazing Batanes, amazing people! We will definitely visit and stay with Tita Lidia again. Thank you so much, and we love Batanes!
— Carm Julz
Lidia of Hiro’s and Amazing Batanes has done an amazing job of bringing Ivatan cuisine to greater heights, her food is simply yet spectacular, one cooked with a good dose of her cheerfulness.
...The food was just simply delicious!
— jotarofootsteps
Lidia and her team provide excellent service & the most delicious food. As somone who has know some of the best chefs in the world, I would recommend this establishment to everyone
— Dr. David, U.K.




#1 All Inclusive and Hassle-free Vacation

“Just show up in Batanes and we will do the rest!”

Our goal is to ensure you enjoy Batanes to the fullest - without worrying about where to stay, where to eat, where to go and all the hassles of arranging transportation in our islands.

We know you lead a busy life and do not have the time to research all the famous spots in Batanes, check every hotel to make sure they are ok, or test every restaurant to make sure you eat authentic & delicious food.

We also know that you do not like "surprise" costs - did you know that upon arrival in Batanes all guests must pay tourism tax? Fortunately, for you we take care of all that. All you have to do is get to Batanes and maybe bring small pocket change for souvenirs - we literally take care of everything for you including - lodging, all meals, snacks, water, tourism fees, airport fees, airport transfers, tours, tour guides - pretty much whatever you need.

The only thing we do not provide is airfare - that’s because you will get a much better deal booking directly with the airlines - Philippine airlines, Cebu Pacific, Swift Air.

#2 Amazing Sunset Lighthouse Dinner

We have a very special treat for you! A unique and lovely sunset dinner and entertainment show at the Basco Lighthouse - the most famous landmark in Batanes. 

We reserved a spot and dinner table for you, your friends, family, and loved ones at this very romantic and gorgeous picturesque location.

You will soak up the orange glow of the sun, feel the breeze, and enjoy the wonderful scenery while you eat our famous authentic, Ivatan cuisine and get serenaded by our local Ivatan singers.

#3 Private Tours with your own Guide and Photographer

Over the past 15 years of serving guests like you, we have always heard the same feedback:

“The best way to experience Batanes is with your loved ones and friends, not with strangers.”

Imagine touring the islands for half a day or full day at a time and having to share a 10 seater van with total strangers? Sometimes you gel with others, sometimes you won't. We frequently hear complaints from guests that joined the budget group tours telling us that their tours were spoiled by others who just weren't in the mood or had different motives - instead of saving money on a public, discounted tour - they actually wasted their money because their vacation was spoiled by others outside of their group. We don't want you to be one of them!

When you tour with us, we want you to enjoy the scenery with the happiness and comfort of your loved ones and friends. You get your very own van and D.O.T. accredited tour guide so you can enjoy your Batanes tours at your own pace and leisure. Spend more time at a location and don’t feel rushed by others. Take as many pictures as you want. In fact, your tour guide also doubles as your photographer - your personal tour guide will gladly take as many pictures in as many angles as you please. It’s your private tour, so enjoy it!

Note that there are some transportation like the boat to Sabtang where you will ride with other groups.

#4 - Deluxe Basco Town and Beach Front Accommodations

Do you like to stay in a nice place, but not with crazy high prices like Fundacion. You’ve come to the right place! If you enjoy the nicer things in life, but are also practical and like a laid back beach front setting or a nicely appointed downtown location close to where the locals frequent the most, then we know just the right accommodation for you.

We vet each hotel before we offer them to you - we know their owners, we know the rooms, we know the location. We make sure the rooms have private restrooms and air condition because we know that is important for you. We also make sure that the hotel is in a safe and convenient place where you can walk around the area and visit local stores or mingle with the locals.

We take care of this research for you so you can be rest assured you will have a good location, good room, and hassle-free experience.

#5 - Delicious, Authentic Ivatan Food

Do you want to taste good, local, authentic, organic Ivatan food?

Do you want to eat where many famous actors, actresses and diplomats have eaten in Batanes?

Do you want to eat at a homely place that focuses on food and service?

Hooray! you’ve come to the right place! We have our own in house catering and restaurant so we can provide you with the best food Batanes has to offer.

Are you ready for your PRIVATE and EASY Batanes tour?

Don't take our word for it, check out the handwritten testimonials from our wonderful guests that we post in our restaurant - we can't wait to proudly display yours too!

Thank you for providing us the best food Batanes has to offer. It has been an amazing culinary experience. We will be back here for more
— Augustin Family
You are heaven sent in the island of Batanes!
— Attorney LudyBeth
Lidia and her team provide excellent service & the most delicious food. As somone who has know some of the best chefs in the world, I would recommend this establishment to everyone
— Dr. David, U.K.
Thank you so much for this wonderful experience of Batanes and for letting me understand old, Filipino traits of warmth and hospitality. God Bless
— Patricia Reyes
Amazing batanes tours Guests testimonials

Amazing batanes tours Guests testimonials