Hiro's Joy Cuisine & Tita Lidia featured on GMA's IJuander - One Day Old Fish

Amazing Batanes' Hiro's Joy Cuisine and our resident chef Tita Lidia Roberto featured in GMA's IJuander for our Ivatan Special - One Day Old Fish. Fast Forward to 3:08.

When in Batanes, you must try our special One Day Old Fish. Tita Lydia serves the tastiest and best local Ivatan food in Batanes - using only the freshest ingredients. We can't wait for you to join us.

Thank you Jotaro for writing about our Ivatan food!

We were in Batanes for some cycling adventure, for the past few days we had tried some Ivatan food (like at Pensioner Ivatan, etc.), they were good but nothing that made a strong impression.... so we went a hunting for good Ivatan food and chanced upon Hiro’s... after that we could not just get enough of their authentic food. In fact we went to Hiro’s to eat for three days continuously until the day before we left Batanes.
To top the good food, Lydia who runs Hiro’s is a warm, jovial woman; easy to speak to, laugh infectiously and is very entertaining.

Lydia of Hiro’s has done an amazing job of bringing Ivatan cuisine to greater heights, her food is simply yet spectacular, one cooked with a good dose of her cheerfulness.
I would recommend that when in Batanes not to miss Hiro’s; we liked it very much, and came again and again.
— http://jotarofootsteps.blogspot.com/2015/04/yummy-batanes-ivatan-cuisine-hiros.html


We are glad you enjoyed taking your meals at our restaurant. Thank you so much for the wonderful review!

Please visit Jotaro's review on his website at: http://jotarofootsteps.blogspot.com/2015/04/yummy-batanes-ivatan-cuisine-hiros.html



Home cooked Ivatan Cuisine by Lydia

Tita Lydia loves to cook. She devotes her mornings in Batanes searching for the freshest and tastiest ingredients for the day. Her restaurant may be small, but the taste is the best in Batanes.